This is my story that started long ago
On that island in the sea and those caves far below
It's dark and it's sad, though it's anything but dull
I guess it all began when my mom f*cked a bull

Now I know what you're thinking,
"How can such things be?"
Well, my step-dad p*ssed off the gods
Who cursed my mom
And now there's me
King Minos took one look and said,
"Gods, why me? I'm damned!"
For I have the head of a bull on the body of a man

My name is Asterion and I only want a friend
To play with and laugh with and eat mortal men
I'm not some barbarian or a beast to ignore
Don't put me in the labyrinth, I'm just the minotaur!

I was the shame of Minos
Raised by Pasiphae
Shut of from the world
'Til I grew past 8 foot 3
They stuck me in a maze
Way down beneath Crete
But I promise it's not my fault
That I crave human meat

Is my name Asterion, and do I want a friend?
'Cause when I want to play, they just lock me up again.
Am I some barbarian or a beast to ignore?
Alone in that labyrinth, I'm just the minotaur!

They whipped me and beat me 'til my vision turned red
I learned to hate the cursed world and vowed to see it dead
Everything a person came within my reach they bled
Am I a monster?
They made me a monster
They made me the monster
I became the monster
In the labyrinth of dread
I'll have your head
The walls are dyed red

The beast of the labyrinth
The cries ring throughout Crete
Striking fear into their hearts
Shaking the ground at their feet
It's lasted until that fateful day
When Theseus played his part
With pity in his eyes, he took my horn and pierced my heart

My name's no longer Asterion, I was a monster in the end
I'd kill you as soon as I looked you, no one's my friend
I was a vicious barbarian, a beast you can't ignore
I died in that labyrinth, I was the minotaur